20 6 / 2014

My Sims 3 family decided to stop aging. I’ve been panicking for a solid hour, and hoping that moving them to a new lot might make a difference. In short, my life is ruined.

14 6 / 2014

Hi. It’s been two years. I actually considered deleting this account and starting fresh, but instead, I just deleted most of my entries. There weren’t many. (And they weren’t too good.) It was tumblin’ for the sake of tumblin’. Tumblring? See, this is why I don’t use tumblr.

I needed an outlet to premiere a “too hot for the internet!” article I wrote, that was actually denied/rejected from its intended website. And know what? I put a lot of my own time and energy into writing it, so if one person reads it, I’ll be happy. Outside of me giving it about fifteen extra glances prior to submitting it, it hasn’t been edited - so, my apologies if there’s a typo somewhere. 

Ladies and Gentleman… An Ode to Jon Snow’s Hair

Can we talk about hair for a minute? Specifically, guy’s hair. Even more specific, guy’s hair on Game of Thrones. We’ve got one episode left of the season, and sure - most people have written about the character deaths and dramatic sequences this season brought us. But today, I’m writing about locks. Specifically, the locks of one Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington.

Kit recently confessed to Live With Kelly and Michael that his curly hair is under contract. If he wanted to cut it, he couldn’t. The show simply wouldn’t allow it. “I wanted to cut it — I’ve had long hair for ages — and and they were like, ‘No, no, no. That won’t be happening,” he said.
"It’s very funny when you get into these things, and people get very obsessed by little things … There’s all of these ridiculous conversations that go back and forth between agents and managers and HBO: ‘Can we have four inches off or can we have an inch off? What can we do with this? How curly should it be? It’s silly.’"

I’m not going to deny the fact that Kit Harington has an amazing head of hair. You just want to run your hands through it, despite the fact that when he’s on-screen, it might be covered in old blood and sadness. However, I’m going to address both sides of this issue. And keep in mind, this isn’t an issue that prevents me from sleeping at night - it’s obviously just for fun.

Having a hair contract is a bit silly. Obviously the other 900 characters in the show have had hair progressions throughout the show’s run. Arya Stark went from long hair to the boyish “Ari” cut, and now it’s at a chin-length level. Jaime’s hair went from long and a bit mangled (which I didn’t mind, honestly) to short and a bit awkward post-hand-chopping. Daenerys has hair that’s always styled in a different, fancy Khaleesi-like way that I know I’d never be able to personally replicate. But Jon? It just looks the same. It hangs down in his eyes during windy days, which can’t be great, as his job is “murdering bad people in combat”. They don’t even give him a headband, to help his vision.

It’s like they’re setting him up to fail, because his curls are so swoon-worthy. Know what’s not so swoon-worthy? Jon dying, due to a hair-related incident.

Like people, changes in hair can easily identify personal development. You get your heart broken? You get a haircut. Well, Jon almost literally broke his heart, when Ygritte shot him with a bunch of arrows. That doesn’t warrant a change? Who is the stylist over at The Wall, and why can’t they cut him some slack? It’s Jon Snow! He’ll look good regardless!

I’m not talking about blonde highlights here, folks. I’m talking about a healthy, visible trim. Or grow it out all the way, and experiment with a well-placed ponytail. Something that might boost his confidence a little bit. He’s had a really tough year. Know many times he was told that he (imagine the Ygritte voice here) knows “nothing, Jon Snneeww!” ? Many.

A simple haircut would prove that time hasn’t stood still in the world of Jon Snow, and that his adventures aren’t all one weird, horrific dream.

Here’s why it’s good that his hair has a contract:

I’m not sure if all fans of the show face this, but some of the characters just look very similar to me. I often have to ask my husband who someone is, for him to tell me that they “focused on that guy a lot three weeks ago”, and then I fear that I’m suffering from some awkward type of coma. This has never been an issue with Jon Snow. Know why? His hair.

Plus, Jon Snow proves that men can look amazing with long hair. For our male readers out there who always wanted to try to grow it out and felt like they were on the fence, let Kit Harington’s inability to chop his own locks be an inspiration to you.

To the powers that be, behind Game of Thrones: Consider updating Jon Snow. Keep it real, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. I’m sure Kit would love not having a sweaty scalp during the warm months, just once. And since George R.R. Martin is a bit behind with writing the series, an episode focused on Jon getting a haircut might buy you some time.
That was a joke, by the way. But I’d still watch the heck out of that episode, because hey - it’s Game of Thrones.

(Thank you, tumblr.) 

15 12 / 2012

Reason #1: I got married. 

On September 29th. It was a pretty awesome day. 

Then we honeymooned in Northern California. That was pretty great too. It was my first time on the west coast, and I miss it/In-N-Out Burger already. 

I have yet to change my last name, but will! Shortly! And not just because I heard my W2 will be messed up if I don’t ASAP! (Leave me alone!)

(Sidenote: We haven’t even shared wedding pictures with Facebook. So feel honored, Tumblr.) 

Reason #2 About a month ago, we got a dog.

He’s also pretty great. We rescued him at the Humane League, and he was listed as a Jack Russell Mix - We’re 99.9% positive his other half is Beagle. Thus, he’s a Jackabee. 

We named him Burly. It’s a Parks & Recreation reference, as well as a Simpsons reference - and we both thought it was pretty great.

I have no clue how this guy was found as a stray with no ID, since he came equipped with a bunch of training under his belt. He’s approximately a year and a half, and we adore him.

That being said:

1. Expect me to update more often.

2. Expect a lot of those updates to be pictures of my dog. 

25 6 / 2012

My dear friend Dan reminded me that I haven’t posted anything to Tumblr in about a month. So, here are some interesting tidbits!

#1 - I had my wedding tasting on Saturday, and looked over some linen patterns.

Me in 2009: If I ever get married, I won’t stress about stupid things like linens.


I think we’re decided, but we go over centerpieces this upcoming weekend. I’m sure this step will only fry my brain on the issue even more. The one thing we decided on is no table runners. I’m both proud and ashamed to know what the hell a table runner is, after 28.4 successful years of not knowing. 

#2 - I’m actually quite ashamed over the fact that I always thought that LeVar Burton hosted NickArcade. He was on Jimmy Fallon the other day, being awesome, and this conversation happened:

Me: I hope he mentions NickArcade

Greg: .. Why would he mention NickArcade?

Me: He hosted it.

Greg: He definitely did not. 

Me: Greg, trust me. He hosted it. *Karen looks on wikipedia* … Shit. Wow. Well, the guy who hosted it was famous for something else.

Greg: I think the guy who hosted it only did NickArcade.

Me: *Karen looks back on wikipedia* Damn it! You’re right. Seriously, my mind is blown right now. 

… See, I’m ashamed since I pride myself on knowing dumb trivia about old school Nickelodeon. Ask anyone, it’s the one thing I’m good at. And this should have been common knowledge for jerks like me. I’m like the person on Wheel of Fortune who chokes, and guesses a letter that’s already on the board despite taking several tests to get to that point. I mean, I still google-search for Donnie Jeffcoat news whenever the opportunity arises (pretty much once a month) which highlights this petty devastation even more. 


Sidenote: I saw a butterfly the other day, and the theme from Reading Rainbow has been in my head since. So I think I made it up to LeVar. 

#3 While walking around Downtown Lancaster this weekend, this sign was spotted:

This is the most terrifyingly uninformative bulletin ever. Since, A) Are you telling me I should look out for a coyote? And B) There is no B, or further points. Is there a coyote, or what?

Alright, I’m re-convinced. Tumblr-ing is fun. I’ll make sure to be more Tumblry in the future. 

22 4 / 2012

A Real Exchange That Totally Happened At A Diner in NJ Around Midnight:

Me: What are the soups today?

Drake The Waiter: Chicken Noodle, Beef Barley, and Loaded Baked Potato. And chicken noodle. I recommend the Chicken Noodle.

Me: Are you trying to hint to me that the other two are unavailable?

Drake the Waiter: No, but with Chicken Noodle, you know what you’re getting. I mean, can you honestly tell me what’s in Beef Barley?

Me: Uh. Beef? And those little round noodles?

Drake the Waiter: They’re rice. But see? You just didn’t know. With the chicken noodle, it’s obvious.

Me: Uh. Okay then, I guess I feel … safest with the Chicken Noodle.

Drake looked like a vampire, and the fact that he was working the late night shift only added to this assumption. However, I’ve never seen a waiter try to steer someone from a menu item this much. Thus, I’m guessing the Chicken Noodle was the only soup that Drake didn’t throw poison into. Or bathe in. Or make out with. 

03 4 / 2012

When I drive home to NJ, I try to use the 2.5 hour drive to really think hard about things - either life things, or creative things.

This weekend, the only thing I thought of was, “I should create a Tumblr.”